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Call Us Today!
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Financial Information

We expect payment at the time of service.  For Blue Cross, United Healthcare and some others, this is the co-payment amount.  For other types of coverage, you will receive the necessary documentation to file your claim.
A word of explanation is necessary related to Medicare.  We treat many Medicare patients in our practice. However, for reimbursement, we do not "participate" in Medicare, which means that we do not accept Medicare "assignment" as payment in full for some of our services.  The patient pays in full at the time of the visit and then we file a claim to Medicare to reimburse you the "allowable charges".  Patients should be aware that this is necessary because payment cuts in the Medicare system have made it impossible to provide some services at the prevailing Medicare rates.  A patient may refuse any test that he/she doesn't want to pay for. After discussion with the doctor, if there is a test requested for which Medicare may not pay, the patient will be asked to sign a waiver of responsibility for the cost.
We do not participate in all of the private plans in the area.  If you are new to the practice or if you are changing your coverage, please check to be sure that we are approved providers in the appropriate plan. Some plans allow for "out-of-network" coverage, but many do not.   
We are happy to discuss this with our patients at any time.  Please call our insurance and billing department at (334) 279-9211, option 5.

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We make every effort to work on a schedule, but due to the nature of medicine, this is not always possible. We will try to let you know when our schedule is delayed. Please let us know if you can not keep your appointment. If you would like more information about becoming a patient, please call our office at (334) 279-9211